What the Professionals say about Medi-Tag medical ID products




 “I feel more confident wearing a Medi-Tag knowing that someone could get critical information about myself quickly should the need arise…Working alongside top paramedics and pre-hospital doctors, it’s one of the first things that the crew look for at incidents”

Captain Bowden, Air Ambulance Pilot and Medi-Tag wearer





"I always recommend medical jewellery like Medi-Tag to my patients.

A medical emergency may or may not be due to their underlying medical condition. It is imperative that medics have as much information as possible to deal with the  emergency effectively and address any existing medical conditions.

Medical jewellery helps the patient and the professional".

Dr S Gupta MB ChB






 The Police & Fire Services

"Medi-Tag can be a great help to us for identification and contacting next of kin.

Also, some medical conditions can cause behaviour that appears to be alcohol or drug related. The emergency situation can become unnecessarily complicated if we are not aware of hidden medical conditions."






First Aiders 

"Most large department stores, sports stadiums and organised event companies have first aiders available for any medical emergency situation.  Looking for medical ID is included in our awareness training.

In a medical emergency, time and accuracy are critical factors in reducing clinical risk. Our  job is made much easier if people wear medical ID such as Medi-Tag.  The details on their ID could save the person's life."

Alan Sims, First Aid Trainer