• Medi-Tag Medical ID Bracelets
  • Medi-Tag Medical ID Bracelets
  • Medi-Tag Medical ID Bracelets
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Medical ID Jewellery that could save your life!

Medi-Tag Medical ID is a Medical Alert for Lifesavers and Emergency Services that provides instant and accurate information when you can’t speak for yourself.

Your details are engraved on the back of your Medi-Tag Medical ID to provide instant knowledge to assist in rapid and lifesaving treatment, you can also opt for our 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service run in partnership with the NHS with Online access....read more

The Importance of Wearing the Trusted Medi-Tag Brand  

There are a lot of "so called medical ID's" available on the internet, but they are not always recognised by medical lifesavers, make sure you wear a trusted brand like a Medi-Tag as they are: 

  • Recognised as medical ID worldwide
  • Used by Major lifesaving organisations in their awareness training
  • Recommended by emergency and medical professionals

… read more about the benefits of wearing a trusted Medi-Tag ID click here   

How to personalise Medi-Tag Medical ID 

Medi-Tag medical ID are available with one of two options:  

Option 1:   FREE personalised engraving 

                 FREE first year Membership to the International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service

                 run in partnership with the NHS Trust - Now with an Online Medi-Tag ICE Register 

Option 2:   FREE personalised engraving – Without Membership. 

Wearing Medi-Tag medical ID is an essential safeguard that can give you peace of mind and protection 24/7 - it’s the simplest and safest way for you to make sure your needs are communicated in an emergency!    

Take a look at our stylish range of Medi-Tags designed to appeal to all tastes and individual needs: Medical ID Bracelets, Medical ID NecklacesMedical ID Watches and Medical ID Wristbands  

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