Membership Benefits

International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service:


Our partnership with the highly professional West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust offers membership to this unique International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service. It acts as an extension to your engraved Medi-Tag medical ID, allowing Emergency Services and medics to access your additional critical information stored on your secure online Medi-Tag ICE Register.


In Case of Emergency, your information can be accessed at any time by calling the International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service Operators using the phone number engraved on your Medi-Tag medical ID. With a strong commitment to privacy and security, the highly efficient Operators immediately relay lifesaving details from your Medi-Tag ICE Register and after security clearance provide the Emergency Services and medics with further details as necessary. Using the latest technology and language facilities, membership offers you a high quality Emergency Telephone Service 24/7, from anywhere in the world with good telecommunications.


In addition to FREE engraving, the membership joining fee (currently £10.00) and first years' annual subscription charge (currently £32.00) are FREE with your first product. Subsequent annual subscription payments are requested in the month before the Membership Renewal date or alternatively payments can be made by Direct Debit at a discounted fee of £27.00.


FREE Access to the Online Medi-Tag ICE Register:


Your Medi-Tag medical ID shows a brief summary of your vital medical information and the Medi-Tag ICE (In Case of Emergency) Register works as an ideal extension to the information engraved. It allows you to maintain a secure online record of your personal details, a more thorough record of your medical background, and other health related data eg.


        More information about your Medical Conditions and Treatments

        Hospital & Doctors Contacts

        Emergency Contacts (eg Next of Kin)

        Living Wills

        Health/Travel Insurance Information

        Medical History (eg hereditary diseases, medical procedures etc)

        Organ Donor Information

        Documents (eg CT/MRI Scans, X Rays etc)

        Vaccination Details


As a Member of the International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service, your unique Membership Number and password allow you to access your entire Medi-Tag ICE Register through the secure Medi-Tag website connection with the facility to view and edit 24/7 (you can also update some of your Register by post). In Case of Emergency, there are two levels of access to your details:


Level 1 holds the most vital lifesaving information that should be known without delay and is given to anyone who calls the International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service Operators or views your Register through our secure online connection using your membership number and surname.

Level 2 holds additional information on your Register that will only be provided to Emergency and healthcare professionals and other professional bodies who have cleared security checks with the International 24 Hour Emergency Telephone Service Operators.


            You have control of your Medi-Tag ICE Register 24/7

            You decide what information you want to store

            You decide who has access and at what level

            You ensure it is maintained with up to date information


Your Medi-Tag ICE Register can be accessed through the secure online connection 24/7 while at home or abroad, giving you control of managing your Medi-Tag ICE Register at any time and from anywhere in the world.