Cayenne Hot Roller

Natural Pain Relief any time you need it!
The blend of 4 essential oils: Cayenne, Rosemary, Camphor and Menthol, supply immediate warmth to your skin and body. The integrated massage ball has a soothing effect and stimulates the blood supply to the skin to relax aching joints, relieve tension, and enhance your wellbeing. Suitable for use all year round but especially helpful in cold and flu chills, and respiratory congestions. A perfect aid to encourage your body to relax.
Helps relieve:
Aching legs
Joint pain
Muscular pain
Sore Tendons
Size: 75ml
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Cayenne Hot Roller


What it contains:

- used a natural painkiller. It works by absorbing into nerve endings and reducing the content of the chemical called substance P, that is needed to transmit pain impulses to the brain. Its continued presence therefore can help numb pain.

Rosemary - has anti-inflammatory properties that calm inflamed muscle tissue and promote speedy healing for muscle pain relief.

Camphor - is an agent that helps ease bruises, inflammation, and joint pains. In conjunction with other oils, it can help deliver a fast and efficient feeling of muscle and mental relaxation.

Menthol - iis an ingredient known for its antibacterial properties. It is used in topical preparations to assist the permeation through the surface of the skin. When applied to an affected area it causes dilation in the blood vessels that carry blood to the joints, increasing blood flow and reducing swelling. The more blood that reaches an injured area, the more nutrients and oxygen are made available to assist the healing process. Menthol works as a local anaesthetic to suppress the sensation of mild pain.


Do not allow to come into contact with the eyes or open wounds. Wash hands after use.