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This  Sterling Silver bracelet features a highly polished 32mm x 20mm Dog Tag with an embossed snake and staff medical symbol. This modern design has an angle filed trace chain with a T-bar and hoop clasp, giving it the edge in contemporary jewellery. Each bracelet is handmade and each link is soldered.
Available in three lengths:
Total length including all components 16cm (6.5")
Code: CB01/S6        Price: £92.00
Total length including all components 18.5cm (7.25")
Code: CB01/S7        Price: £97.00
Total length including all components 20.5cm (8")
Code: CB01/S8        Price: £102.00
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Sterling Silver Bracelet - CB01/S6
Sterling Silver Bracelet - CB01/S7
Sterling Silver Bracelet - CB01/S8


  • This product is guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for one year.
  • The total 'length' of a bracelet includes all components (ie. tag, links, and fastener).
  • When measuring wrist allow 1.3cm (0.5") extra for comfortable movement.
  • Links can be removed to shorten if necessary.
  • If a larger size is required please contact us for a quote.